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      Hi Everyone,
      I was watching a recent video where someone asked about how UAC matchups worked. From what I gathered from the response, UAC is now all based upon the High Scores of players that have activity 7 days prior to UAC starting.
      I was just curious if you could elaborate on that just a little more. Specifically, Is it a total High Score for all memebers of the alliance combined or do they take an average for the alliance? For example, If you have 50 players in your alliance with an airship total high score of 250,000 each does that mean GOG uses a total high score of 12,500,000 or do they average it by adding everyone’s high score and dividing by total players. Also, If you have a player with 30 days of inactivity that you know is never coming back, is it better to keep that player or just kick them?

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      Donny Lairson

      I believe now that it in castle level group averaging.
      What do i mean by that.
      average level of your 40’s plus number of 40’s
      Then 39’s
      Then 38’s etc.
      Smaller pools of averaging to prevent new player spawn to lower the average based on high scores.

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      Thank you very much! I appreciate the very detailed response! Maybe We’ll be lucky enough to someday meet up on the battlefield! From all of FFS in K56, Have a great day!

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      Dirty C

      I agree the matchup was much better this last UAC. Still have a problem with one alliance in group of 6 being much stronger. We have no one above c35 but one alliance had a very strong c37 and a mediocre c35. Frustrating to get a property defended tower wiped out by one guy. But matching was much better, other 4 alliances were pretty even. Had alot of fun.

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      I think there is something missing on the averaging:
      For example our clan is 54 castles. Of those 54 we only have actually 24 players, the 30 castles that are farms range from 26 down. All virtually 100m power and under.
      Our biggest is a 36 then 1 35 4 33s and the rest 24-32…
      There is no reason with 3.5b power we should pull a clan with 2 40s 1 with 850m power one with 500m power and 2 35s with 400m+power then the 30-34s they had. The math never adds up. It was by far our worst round ever, and were used to normally rolling equally matched clans in the past. This round was so bad from a competitive standpoint it actually had us questioning if it was even worth our time. Finishing 5th because you suck is one thing, finishing 5th because you never had a chance is completely different.

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      Found the match up was much better last UAC. Maybe just maybe. Guns getting threw to someone there.lol..

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      We had our first UAC last weekend in k440. Our highest castle is c30 and 7 castles above c20 reat below. we had 1 alliance that had 1 c40 and couple of other c31+. There were two other alliances that had several c31+. The 2 alliances around our power got their treasure took within first 2hrs and never recovered. We was highly underpowered but with the amount of our members participating and not giving up we had 2nd until last 2hrs when we got teamed up on and lost all treasure and dropped to 3rd. I believe that everyone is going to have to be on their game and not give up till the end cause of how close the matchups really are. It is a strategy game after all. Also wanted to say thanks Donny for the great info u are offering and keep up the great work of allowing others to have a voice.

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      I have a feeling that part of the reason our alliance was getting such bad matchups in the past is because of what is suggested in his video. All an alliance needs to do to lower the average high score is create a bunch of unbound c2 castles and add them to the alliance one week before UAC and then they miraculously get a better matchup…. Glad to see GOG is onto that. If matchups are being done as is suggested in the video above, then alliances who have always been honest and haven’t tried playing stupid games to lower power and/or high scores should naturally start to see better matchups….

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      Donny Lairson

      We have had some of our toughest matches in the past 3 uac’s the math is definitely favoring activity over brawn but active brawn players can really dominate a show and make alliance feel terrible about having even tried. Key is for each person to try to put 4 hours into a UAC / KVK if you do that you personally will grow if your alliance does that it will dominate.

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