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      what’s the best methods etc to kill the insane or painful one?? last time we had this event we could not kill the painful one ? any tips will be grateful.
      we set the beast in the centre of the hive with megarallys as many online as possible . set a rally then join others with beast set up. we used arty as they do damage but is it better to leave out arty and get in more hits?

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      Yes we in kingdom 438 also want to know the answer to this, we can not even beat the easy one

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        how we do it is like this:
        1 place turkey in centre of hive, remove building if required as march time is critical.
        2. get everyone online.
        3 all castles start a rally on it
        4 then everyone joins a rally.
        5 repeat as required.

        this gets us to the last one but we cannot kill it..

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      Which formation are you sending, we found the wolf formation did the most damage

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        yes for first march, but as were joining 5 marches its what you have got left, for most players who don’t have 5 beast marches.

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      We destroy our Gates as in our hive our 8 biggest players surround that Makes the fastest march.
      You also need to actually spend the 2k gold for the mega to activate even though text says your sending mega’s you are not without the gold spend.

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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