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      I know I need to have warbooks on t11 infantry and distance. My questions are is the warbooks on t11 infantry only for defense since it says when they are attacked and why doent it show t11 calvary having warbooks cause it has the same buff as the t8s which the calculator shows placing on? Also on the one with the 50% infrantry it says if 50% of your infrantry survive not that your march has to have 50% does anyone know which it is and also if your leading a rally with these talents does everyone have to have a 50% infantry march if that is the case? Thanks for any help on this o have notice it had slowed down in the forums hope it picks back up.

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      In french, there is nothing like surviving troops in warbook for Infantry.
      In french, for infantry “Sacrifice”, it is said : Infantry will receive 3.5% damage instead of other tiers. If the number of infantry is above 50% of the infantry in a march.
      At first, I thought that it means that I should have at least 50% of infantry in my march.
      But Now, After testing in the fortress, I think that it means that I have to put 50% infantry more than my opponents.
      What do you think ?
      See you.

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      Tom Peltier

      This is a great topic. I’m pretty lost with warbooks. I have a C36 castle so running T11s. I have my war books set as per the calculator. So I have the same questions as LVJ. In addition, how best should they be distributed? Do you weight infanty or distance or keep it even? Do you weight a class or distribute evenly top to bottom or bottom to top?
      Hooe we get a few folks to weigh in here. What are YOU doing?

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      I have 10 on t11distance,3 on all distance attack, 2 on to distance, 3 on t11 infrantry, and 2 on t11 calvary right. I put the 3 on all distance attack because my defense is higher than my attack and health from gems I won so it gives me a % of my defense and adds to my attack. So was trying to help get my distance attack higher for the extra damage from the other books.

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      2 on t9 distance^^^^ it was auto corrected

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