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      I have recently upgraded to a C35 during the New Year event and I bought a lot of War Handbooks using the occasion to do so. I have 28 of them. I am trying to figure out how best to use them.

      Currently, I have them here:

      Infantry – Indestructible = 8
      Distance – Cannons of Devastation = 10
      Cavalry – Thunderous Charge = 10

      I am also using the Master Mayhem for the troop formation.

      Watching the video’s by GunMuse about this, he says I should be putting them on the individual levels first. The way they are written makes it hard to understand some of these things.

      I look at the Relentless Assault for the T11 Distance, and it says.

      Adds 3% of your Thunder Throwers Health to their Attack Power. Thunder Throwers will deal extra damage worth 3% of your Attack power minus the enemy’s Attack power.

      Is this a two-step thing? The first thing is that they get a 3% Health bonus added to the Attack Power. The second being possible damage of 3% if your Attack power is higher than theirs?

      It would seem that it would be better to go for the sure thing in the Cannons of Devastation where it is Distance added to the Attack rather than on only one level of troops that might get a damage benifit.

      So, could someone explain to me which is the better way to go and why?

      And finally which levels and where I should consider putting them on?


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      Anthony Watson

      basically in you look in the Master Mayhem troop formation that you are using it list war to put war talents.
      But I understand that it does not fully explain why in the read up.
      Basically attack and defence power is show stats and the bonus it gives will not win you the fight.
      the biggest advantage you can get is to use them for damage and damage reduction.
      this starts at the T11 Infantry for reduction and T11 Distance for damage.
      As they work better that the Cav ones in testing.
      then the next will be T9 Infantry then T9 Distance again so in order as on the Master Mayhem sheet its:
      Might 6 = 13.75% Damage Reduction when maxed for this tier
      Relentless Assault 6 = Extra Damage 27.5% for this tier
      Might 5
      Relentless Assault 5

      and so on and so forth.
      hope this makes sense.

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      I had to go back and re-watch the War Talents video. I think that things might have clicked a little bit in my head on the second watch and reviewing the Meyham Calculator. I did notice where it said (war books) in it.

      So, I put 10 each on the T11 Infantry and Distance. Then four each on the T9’s. When I max those out, I will do T8 Calvary.

      I wish I could figure out a way to see the results of this so any advice on how one might do that would be good.

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      Anthony Watson

      try it with mines.
      reset war books.
      reset mines.
      start from the bottom and find a target that your close to beating then do add war books and reset mines again.
      there is your test.
      Or try with musketeers fort.

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