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      I’m making one of my farms a barn to store food. I’m going to keep 1 troop there so I can still use it for the spirit mines. My question is will I be able to get further into the mines in the future since the troops given to attack the beast to progress is based on march cap and castle size?

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      Yes you can still attack the beast to get up in the mines. It only affects how many troops are guarding the mine. My farm got zeroed and I never bothered building it back up. Still did the mines.

      Juguru Gaming

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      Ok thanks I knew that I would only have 1 troop to mine with but in level 3 or 4 mines I can gather without others killing me. I will kill troops since I will be able to move up mines to get all the rewards open.

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      PAPA V

      Does anyone know how stealing crystals work? That is when do they show up in your account…is it after the castle you stole them from has you removed off of the revenge list?


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      You dont get the Crystal’s from the person only they lose them.

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      PAPA V

      Thanks, its kind of worthless to attack a player unless its someone you have a grudge on.


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      The best thing to do in mines is find someone very close to your stats and play around with your formations so that way you can see how to set it up for your stats

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      PAPA V

      I Do that, I just do not like taking something if i do not get rewarded. I also tested if you have crystals stolen before gold event and revenged, they do not count towards your total gathered in gold event.


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      Miss Krissie

      How does the march cap work in the mines? I am a measly C24, but have 64M power and 425k troops altogether. Nearly all of my buildings are up to at least 22 and 23, yet my march cap in the mines has stayed 86200 for a long time. I have done research for the march capacity, and have the Guard combos, and when attacking outside the mines, my cap is 145k. A few of my alliance members are running the mines with 120k and up, and are only a few levels higher than I am.

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      You have to reset the mines and then when it ask to teleport back to same spot click no. You then have to fight your way through the mines again but whatever your march cap is when you do this it will also be your march cap inside the mines. So when you do this is best to use a march cap boost to increase it.

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      Miss Krissie

      Okay, that makes sense. Thank you very much!

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      Anthony Watson

      Best to use march cap boost 50%
      Colossal March Talent
      and Horn wonder
      get your march cap as high as you can the same way you do for the wolf kingdom threat.
      then do a reset on the mines and say yes you want to start again.
      your current march cap is now stored.
      I have mine up to 450K others I have seen at 500K.
      you can still reset mines but say no to restarting from bottom that way you keep your march cap there unless you want to do it again.
      I redo mine every few weeks when I hit the wolf.

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      Beth Palumbo

      How can you go above mine leavel 7 an not constantly get attacked in spirit mines?

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      The Danster

      The spirit mines were updated recently I believe. There are tonnes to choose on level 9 gathering 50.4k per hour

      I type in a random high number in the bottom box and then search for empty areas. Then I test them to see if I’m attacked. If I’m not attacked I return to that same spot.

      Hope this helps you Beth.

      Edit: so far I’ve been in the same spot for 5 days.

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