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Description of infantry, cavalery and distance has change a lot.
All tiers heve the same descriptions.

Did anyone already tested the impact ?
In the spirit mine for exemple ?

See you

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    My biggest question is do the lower tier troops help like they did before guard update?

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    I am not sure exactly on what the new formations should be, but I can tell you that the current calculators that GunMuse has here are no longer optimal after the new Guard upgrade. Everything seems to be out of whack. To prove this, just send your regular march formation to the Wolf Attack. Then send just your highest level Distance troops with two distance power guards like Maupin and whatever. The difference is staggering.

    It all seems to be about just using your one or two types of your strongest troops with the appropriate Guards. The rest does not seem to matter anymore.

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    Yes. I tested that myself.
    Is this gonna be a brut force game ?
    It is so sad.
    Even if ther is small room for strategy. With adjusting your Distance or Cav to the opponent.
    See you

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    This new guard system changes everything, sent only distance troops with lucien and arabah and got 34 million damage up from 6 million before the new guard system with gunmuse formation, the troop formation calculators does not work anymore, we need to have a serious discussion about this as we go forward with this game. My default guards in musketeers fort is D’Artang and Maupin if I lose and I change to arabah and lucien I win even though I do not have these guards leveled up to max. For the formation to attack the wolf lord change to less infantry and cavalry and more distance.

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    Now it’s time for a new Topic.

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    So is it now all about top tier troops only or do lower level troops still have a place?

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    If its all about top tier then I just don’t see how this is going to work

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    Ok the calculator isn’t changed because it would be base math off the troops NOT off what you add to the troops IE guards. Please if your life is so driven to despair that something you do needs to change this game is not for you. WarBooks and Guards both effect damage now. HOW you apply damage will effect outcomes. Any manipulation in the short term as a knee jerk reaction by me will be met immediately with a math change on part of GoG in a marketing effort to disprove what i do. For now APPLY what you should of learned from formations interactions THAT has NOT CHANGED. Only the damage.
    This means if you apply tons of damage to distance and it overwhelms a LEG reduce that volume of distance BASED on your kill rate. You can now use LESS of those troops and more of another. Download the Guru calculator to play with YOUR spec. As stated a year ago that calculator will ALWAYS WORK cause it is based off your testing each time.

    The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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    I am using the Guru.
    And I had fantastic results with. Thanks you.
    But I started to improve my march not from zero but with the spinebreaker’s default numbers.
    I don’t think I would have a great formation if I had to start from zero.

    That’s why I started a topic “naw SpineBreaker”.
    So we can have some help to figure a new starting point for improvement.

    Just trying to help.

    See you

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    This or Gaston/Anne and cavalary.

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