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      In the new Royal Carnival Event you have to get loot to craft badges. Depending on what you use of the loot to craft a badge you get a different thing.

      Since it only lasts three days, I was hoping we could share what people got when they crafted different combinations of the loot.

      The easist one to craft takes one of each

      Royal Heart 1
      Aristocratic Gem 1
      Amethyst 1

      Produced Knights Badge with 6 Aristocrat Badges and 5 Scholor Scrolls

      Please share what you did and what you got.

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      I have 6 accounts and the combinations seem useless and probably 1-1-1 is best to go to get a higher ranking in the Top 100 section. Just my opinion

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      Each combination has it’s own chance a getting different badges. In my opinion since the red gems are limited use one of them and 9 of the purple and blue ones giving u the best chance of crafting the knight badge which gives the highest points.

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      It appears to me that the formulas are not static – they either change by what you have already created, or change by what the kingdom has created, or change at random.

      As you set up the craft it shows you the percent chance of getting each of the different types of badges. The percentages seem to change consistently as you add a material until some threshold is met and then then they jump.

      The highest percentage I got for a Knights Badge was somewhere around 42%.

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      I did some math on what you can get for the gems and if is what it comes down too.

      The red or Royal Heart gems are limited to 20 a day from the Daily Quest.

      That means if you wanted to maximize the other gems at 9 each time it would take:

      9 * 20 = 180 gems for both blue Aristocratic Gem and purple Amethyst gem.

      But wait. It takes 3 points in Stanima to get a blue gem. You have 100 points in Stanima at a time. This means it is possible to get about 33 blue gems each 100 points. I think that Stanima refills so that you can get about 300 a day. That means a total of 100 blue gems is what you can get.

      If you take 100 blue gems and divide it by the 20 red gems, that means that you should be using no more than 5 blue gems at a time.

      Purple gems is dependent on food which is cheap so it is basically unlimited.

      This means we should be doing

      1 Red
      5 Blue
      9 Purple

      This would maximize both the red and blue.

      This gives a 23% chance of getting a Knights gem.
      27% chance of a Grand Duke
      16% chance for a Duke

      I ended up with a stupid Marquis Badge when I did this. 10 60 Min construction Speedups.

      So, if you max out the blue each time at 9 gems, you may want to think about using 2 red gems each time.

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      Moving the buttons around a bit when adding gems I find that precentage levels stop increasing after certain levels.

      To get a 35% chances of getting the Knight Badge

      2 Red Gems
      8 Blue Gems
      8 Purple Gems

      Any higher on the Blue or Purple Gems does not move the percentage.

      Increasing the red does, but not by much.

      3 Red 38%
      4 Red 41%
      5 Red 44%
      6 Red 46%
      7 Red 48%
      8 Red 51%
      9 Red 53%

      I do not know if it makes much difference anyway. The awards still seem pretty random to me anyway.

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      Thanks hardest for the work I did figuring all that. I think I will do the 1red 5 blue and 9purple since to me I can get more trys with the better statistics.

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      After playing around with it after reset I’m having better luck with using 1 red and 4 blue and 4 purple. I have moved so far up in rankings using this combination and so has some of the others in my alliance. Figured I would share

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      1 4 4 is working well? How often do you win and what are you getting?

      I got a person in the alliance that swears by 1 2 2, but I do not see how he is doing it.

      I am starting to think that it really does not matter what is used. It is just so random.

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      After some more study, I think that 1 4 4 is the minimum that should be used. The jump in percentages of going from 3 to 4 gems are worth it. After that, it is like 1 or 2% for each one added.

      I recommend saving all the gems until the last day and do them all then. Just take the total of each of the blue and purple gems and divide the number of red gems into each of them. If the number is at least four, use that higher number and do that.

      At a minimum use four gems for blue and purple, if you can do more, do it.

      Example 40 red gems and 300 purple.

      300/40= 7.5

      So use 7 gems on the purple for crafting. A few might be 8 at the end. That is ok.

      Don’t use 9 gems, there does not seem to be a benefit to it. 8 is the max.

      So, do not upgrade to the end and use at least 1 4 4 for best chance to get stuff and maximize your point score. It is all pretty random anyway.

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      I have a hard time getting the purples ones. Plenty of blue laying around but purple is hard to find

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      Hey guys,

      On my end I use 1/3/3 and it works pretty fine- top 3 1st day
      Let’s see if it works fine ’til the end of the event…

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      With th 1-4-4 combo I’ve been mainly getting the badge worth 500 points that gives the recruitment banners but every now and then I might get the knights badge and sometimes the low one that gives food and wood. Like u was saying it is all chance of what badge u get but for me and my alliance the 1-4-4 is the one we are using and are having wonderful benefits from it. Hope everyone luck in the event and a merry Christmas

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      Silver Membership

      Working on completion of all badges for no real reason that i can see.

      so 1 2 2 for the counts badge.
      Working on the viscounts badge now.

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      Silver Membership

      1 1 4 for 38% chance of viscounts badge

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      Silver Membership

      2 8 8 for 35% chance at Royal badge.

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      Silver Membership

      1 3 8 for 36% chance of Dukes badge
      Sorry for the note spam using the forums for my notes LOL

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      I ended going with 1 9 8 and tried for the Grand Duke Badge because it was worth the most points at 800. I was going to post the total of what kind and number of badges I won with the percentages, but they don’t let you see it after it is finished.

      On the whole, the results were pretty random no matter what they tried to tell you for percentages. I was getting a Grand Duke about once every other try and then when I did it at first, then later in the day, I got one every five tries. Today, I did 15 in a row and did not get one once. The highest one I earned during that period was one 300 one.

      Thanks for everyone’s effort in helping me with the question about this.

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      I switched for 1/4/4 I hit 8 times 800 out of 20 last days of the event and finished top 7 without spending so 1/4/4 was pretty ok after all.

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