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      I’m guessing almost everyone is chasing Pur Gear during this event, but the 1st thing I did was make a full set of Demon Hunter, so I could get strong enough to kill bigger vamps.

      Anyways … I know I could take the time and look for specifics that make each Set of equipment better and worse than the one above or below, but I’m wondering if there is anything I should “make sure” that I get while Ingots are relatively plentiful?

      For instance: I had planned to ask for pieces of Splendor gear for Christmas, but as i read more I realized I’d rather have Honor equipment for the research and construction speed … over the ability to use less materials.

      Are there any battle equipment pieces that have a special perk that I should look for, or is each higher tier all inclusive of what it’s predecessor was in battle gear ?

      *Thought this could be a good topic, and I also hate to write out things and compare them side by side.

      K474, c23, ATX Alliance

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      Part 2:
      Splendor cost about 110€, but it’s worth pointing that orange Opulence is also very good.

      Gems are too easy to forget.
      Take a look at Savant Gemstone Bundle as it lowers cost of researching.

      And in general, when you upgrade battle armors, look what stats they give.
      If you gain something like arty stats and lose army stats > don’t switch.

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      PAPA V

      Best growth values that i found $20 building equipment, savant stones and warbook accolades. Spend wisely! In a months time a low spender will catch up to mid tier spender. HC has been better this round for me as well. Whats our guru thoughts?


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      Does anyone think the vamps will end up dropping any economy gear (hint Fortune or Honor ingots)?

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      I first thought econ gear would drop, but I no longer do. if you notice, you can’t dismantle purs gear, but there are ways to enhance it, runes, and stars. it looks to me that the idea will be to get everyone to purs, and then “force” you to either start from scratch with steel and crim gold to get a different kind (like the lower tiers) or that there will be new materials, etc for a higher tier.

      once you’ve committed your crimson gold and steel to purs … that’s it.

      not sure what that means in the long run, but it’s affecting my decisions on what to upgrade, and how.

      also … my question is a little misinterpreted.

      What i am wondering is if any of the “lower” tiers of battle armor have perks that a full set of purs does not ? anybody know ?

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      The only ones, believe it or not, are 2 items from duelist.

      When someone mega garrison or mega rally, everyone in the party gets all same stats as the leader, with the ONLY EXCEPTION of battlefield treatment, which you keep your own. So if you are planning accordingly, you equip those 2 items and voila.

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        Guru said in a video damage stat also individual, have this changed?

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      which are the 2 pieces of duelist ?

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      Boots and Ring.

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      Billie Goodson

      I use Lieutenant II gear (helmet/boots/ring/locket) and Galileo (lvl 35+ (50% time reduction)) to heal.

      Lieutenant II gear (same as above) with Lannoy for Training (troop +up)

      I gather in prosperity gear. Build in Oppulence.

      For the lieutenant gear, there is no set bonus, so I ditched the sword.

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