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      I currently have all of my Buccaneer gear at level 3+. The Golden Hare event is on the “Enhance Equipment” challenge. I can enhance one of my equipment and I am trying to figure out which one is the best one to do. Is there a recommended order on upgrading Buccaneer gear? I am currently thinking of either the Buccaneer Boots or Buccaneer Necklace. They both have pretty good Troop boosts. The Boots boost the Distance and the Necklace boots the Infantry.

      Any thoughts would be helpful.

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      Have a look at your stats and see which one needs the boost the most, that is what I will do but troop stats is normally the one to go with as that is the most important. I just upgraded my Buc pistol to level 5 as I needed all the attacked boost the most. Also did a transformation , bought the 30 smelting substance from the event only to find out it only gives part of the boost and need to do much more to achieve the full transformation, wow. and if you buy the smelting substance from packs 99.99 bucks for only 90, more money for GOG and I find in this corona virus time GOG could be more sympathetic to players instead of pushing more spending, give better rewards is the way GOG should go.

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      Just go with the one that helps your stats the most. Also if you transform your equipment you can’t dismantle it and get the materials back.

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