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      Eric Bloodaxe

      Hi guys, I’m trying to work out his the Raid Chests work in this new event and, as usual, Gog didn’t provide clear instructions. It appears that, on releasing the chest, you have 30 minutes to Augment it, and that it’s 24 hours before you can open it. Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Thanks

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      We ran int the same problem in our alliance. We had to rethink the strategy so it works better. Try opening the chest when most players are active, and strongly encourage them to augment the chest(s). They do get the benefit of small amount of gold augmentation also.

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      What chest are yall talking bout? I haven’t seen any chest like the ones yall talking about.

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      Eric Bloodaxe

      Thanks metromed.
      Lawrence, it’s in the new Gold Event. Go to the Event Centre, then Gold Event, then Raid Feature, and then Raid Chest.

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      I did and still dont see it I’m in k440 so we must not have it yet

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      Lord Gregory

      How do you augment them?

      Lord Gregory K384

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      Eric Bloodaxe

      Hi Lord Gregory, there should be a blue Augment button under the chest but it only lasts 30 minutes, and then it changes to “Augment Result” and you can only view it after that.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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