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      Jonas Lie

      A question about Mega Garrisoning.

      What benefits do those who join a mega garrison NOT gain from the leader? I have heard some say only battlefield treatment, and some say it also includes damage.

      The reason for my question is that many put on Dualist boots and ring for battlefield treatment during a mega garrison. But if damage is not gained from Mega leader, then all damage from your royal benefits (sk, master, buc) will not count.

      Anyone who knows or can find a reliable place where it says?

      Óðin k398

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      Anthony Watson

      Battlefield treatment for sure don’t carry in a mega but damage I have never been able to prove.
      seems like a good test.
      fill up a tower and mega then get another alliance to hit 1x then refill tower and change to battle field treatment gear for all those not the leader.
      mega and see if the numbers are the same.
      but you need a test group and I don’t have one.

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      Anthony Watson

      UAC would be perfect

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      Anthony Watson

      maybe a mega rally

Viewing 3 reply threads
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