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      Donny Lairson

      Master Mayhem the latest troop calculator is now in beta release included here is the Guru Worksheet so that other players can make adjustments to help find optimal tuning.

      Master Mayhem

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      Anthony Watson

      Hi GunMuse
      Thanks for the spreadsheet.
      great job going to test it tonight.
      Just a few questions:
      Do the other calculators need to be redone IE the Wolf Hunter etc for T11s…
      Also War talents is it better to add all to top tier or is there an order to work too. I can see where you have said they need to go if I had 110 but I’m thinking more like 20 war talents to mix in?
      Thank you for your time I know there is no exact answer just want your opinion.

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      Donny Lairson

      Wolfhunter should work fine that event has a huge bell curve and its more march cap for more damage as long as your in the ball park of a good march.

      I did fix the typos that people pointed out to me as well as the t11 distance and T8 distance math formula’s they were typed in correctly but refused to do the math properly must of got corrupted somewhere during the software update deleting them and starting over did the trick.

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      Damian Corleone

      I need marsh setup Woolf and gate sou som Bady help me and need 2 now haw Can i set upp Liberty of war

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      Donny Lairson

      would suggest you start a new topic and give specific’s to yoru castle size number of books play style etc. start a discussion that many can learn from.

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      Anthony Watson
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      Anthony Watson
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      Donny Lairson


      Video will be released at 4pm EST

      I went over a tower defense setup in war library to complement the Master Mayhem calculator.

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      Bill Blass

      For regular pvp, not a specific job like tower leader, what do you pick for war talents if you only have 16 books? Do you spread them around a little or just put everything in inf and dist t11?

      I have around 2k stats, thanks!

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      Hey Gunmuse,

      Thanks for your website, calculators and videos. Really valuable data!


      1) For your Master Mayhem Calculator – Why exclude the War talent for Cavalry Tier 11? It is the same as the War Talent bonus for Tier 8?

      2) I have 36 War books what is the specific priority/order do I Set? Are Distance War Talents a greater priority than Infantry? Do I just max each tier starting from Tier 11 down? Ex Tier 11 Infantry and Distance – use 20 War books then fo Tier 9 – use 10 war books on Distance and 6 war books on Infantry?

      3) I have to control my spending on this game. I have set a new budget of $250 a month? What is the best and most efficient way to spend that money? War books? Wait for the special monthly events?

      Thanks. Any help is much appreciated.

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      Muhammad Bilal


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      I am T11 player. To make sure that I understand correctly, Master Mayhem should be used for KvK, UAC and Blood Wars tower leaders? Then also, which troop calculator should I use for leading attacks on towers?

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      Plain spine breaker for t12s?

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      SideFarm Side OV

      Hey man,

      first would like to compliment you on the great job your doing, thank you !

      question, War strategy points, Infantry Might 6 say’s “when your Royal Duelists are attacks”, so i’m looking to be an attacker rather on then defense.

      does that stat, apply to attacking another player ?

      Basically i’m a c39 T11 player, looking to optimize my War Talents and the mayhem calculator is’t clear enough on that for me.


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