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      Yoders trainee

      Hi just wanted to get information on macro farming and who has done it,
      1- is it illegal in gog world
      2-if you have used it has your accounts been banned if not how long have you been using macrofarming for
      3- what program do you use (i have looked at bluestacks from info off roger raids utube videos but no info of what iam asking, have you had issues with bluestacks
      4- if your account gets banned can you get it back
      5- I’m not going to go full blown spastic and do everything by macro, i only wanna run gather for rss on farms and main if banning is unlikely
      6 -thank you to those who respond

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      Well, I don’t think its illegal if its your accounts.
      I’ve been using them for a couple weeks and so far no issue.
      Depending on the macro, they run pretty well. When the macro depends on certain scenarios in the game is when it gets tricky.
      I’ve not had consistently good success with RSS gathering.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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