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      The latest update pissed me off so much I’m about ready to just quit. The part that got me the most was them taking out the Sun King ingots from the shooting gallery. I was hoarding all my gallery coins waiting for an event and wanted to use them for the SK ingots. Well I did a few days ago and managed to get 320 of them before I ran out of coins. Now there isn’t any place to get them. So here I am stuck with enough to build half the set. I could have used them for something else that would be more beneficial than half of a armor set.
      I made this new account in a new kingdom because I was tired of the idiots in my old kingdom. I have no desire to go back there but at least I’d be halfway competitive.
      They have ruined the ability to grow your gear. They give you the purple battle armor for free when completing the starter quests, that’s good. The battle ingots fall so slowly it took over a month to build the healing/training gear and dualist set. The Demon Hunter, Retribution, and now Sun King set is basically gone.
      The only available options for better gear is the Master set and Buccaneer set. You can get a few Master Ingots from the Red Guard Raid but that would take about a year to get enough to build the set. Now you can buy it for $50 a piece. So $300 just for a set of armor. Yeah I get it, if you want it then buy it. The problem is that now a low spender cannot get gains no matter what.
      If I am lucky I could probably get some of the new airship gears for free, or close to free, by doing the next few events. I was able to get a new curiosity that way. I started in my new kingdom after the events to get the buccaneer gear and new COA so now I’m out of luck.
      The last few updates have seemed like they are wanting to hurt the no spenders and low spenders. It’s almost impossible to get lower medium level COA, Curiosities, gems, gear, and now probably airship parts.
      Hard to enjoy a game where you can’t grow and improve. I’m about ready to take my low spending money and invest it in something where I can actually have fun.
      Sorry, had to rant

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      I am sorry that you are ready to quit. I feel the same way sometimes. They have made it super difficult for lower coiners to get ahead in this game. It has become very stingy. The only way to get anywhere in the game is to wait for the big “Coiner Event” like the Black Friday one. Horde everything until then. Do not upgrade your stuff in stages at all. Just sit on it all until that event and then use it during whatever event they are having that day to get whatever awards are needed to buy you missing stuff. That is what I did and was able to grow about 200 stat points accross the board.

      I used to look forward to the Honor Challenge, but that is turning into a junk event as well. You used to be able to get a ton of keys for about a $1 each and there was useful stuff in the chests. Now you can buy 4 of the one key chests for a dollar and 6 of the 5 key chests for $5. The rest get expensive. Pretty useless. It is more of RSS event now and not a true stat upgrading event. They do not even give you enough scrolls to create whatever new piece of stuff they are offering.

      I still enjoy the game, but you have to plan way ahead for those events and resist the temptation to upgrade something before that event.

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      I have been doing that. This last one I got enough scrolls for one of the new Curiosities and got enough scrolls for a frost COA. I haven’t created either yet as it would just make my stats all lopsided. Need to at least be fairly close to even. That’s what’s almost impossible to do now. Can’t find regular guidebooks to create the basic COA, have to get them one at a time in catacombs. To make a dark COA it takes 50 days of buying the guidebooks just for the one selection.
      I got my castle to c20 in less than a week. I started it during one of those events where I could get the 50% off. Been waiting for another one to try and jump to c30. Now I don’t see a point of going higher if I can’t get the basic items to be halfway even in stats.
      My old castle is a c33. Since I already have the guidebooks and scrolls it wouldn’t be as frustrating or make me lopsided to upgrade to just 1 of the latest and greatest. I built my stats up evenly on that castle but that can’t be done now.

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      I think we are all in the same boat. I am a C33 now and I am saving my RSS for upgrading from a C33 straight to C35. I want to use that 1/2 off build cost if you are under C34 benefit as well. They are making it harder to get things now on purpose. Not sure why (but I can guess) and it is frustrating. The only thing that I can say is to horde everything and wait until they have the event where you can earn whatever bits you need to upgrade. I am not even bothering with the current Carnival Fever event. It is just RSS. We can get that anywhere. They should have a daily path where you can get those Sun Hearts, Ether Crystals, or whatever instead of waiting for those events. The Shooting Gallery is not a good place for this since it takes FOREVER to get enough coins to get those there.

      I wish you luck.

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      Hardesty if u are wanting to become a c40 one day I would wait on upgrading past c34. If u stay there and save up badges, speedups, and rss then during one of them big events with the half off construction buff. U get that item from the event and then go from c34 to c40 that way u save half the badges and rss it would normally take plus use any other buffs like talents and wonders ect. to lower cost and time. Just a suggestion

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        Nine Generals

        Unfortunately the 50% rss reduction disappears once you hit c35. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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      Damn. It was a great plan too. Thanks for letting me know. I will make sure that I upgrade all my C34 first that I need to before going to C35. I was going to do the troop building last and that would have bitten me if I had, so I will do them after I do the C34 castle.

      It will cost me more than I expected, but I had enough to get to a C37 using the 1/2 off plan, so I should be good.

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