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      I was wondering if I’m sitting in a tower during kvk and I’m not the tower leader should I have the 2 duelist gear on for battlefield treatment. Does this help save more troops and if so is it better than having attacking gear on for the royal academy buffs to help kill more troops

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      Anthony Watson

      Hi dude
      Gunmuse said a long time ok that all you need is your duellist boots and ring if your in a tower.
      You get all the tower leaders benefits except there battlefield treatment unless they changed something.

      Battlefield treatment
      talent points 5%
      Life Preserver 30%
      Airship 14%
      research 15%
      Armor for mega rally 18%
      Total 82%

      But if your tower Leader the best you can do is 64%.

      hope this helps

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      Ok so if having your attack gear on while sitting in a tower is not a must then on top of the duelist boots and ring for battlefield treatment then should I also use the heart locket which increases my hospital capacity so more troops fo to hospital?

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      Yes when im in tower i have my full heal gear setup on. that way the least amount of troops become completely dead.

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      PAPA V

      Is it just the healing which does not carryforward or damage as well?


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