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      I’ve decided that GOG is interfering with my home/business life too much, and have arranged to give my accounts away to alliance friends. However, I’ve no idea how.

      My main is bound to Facebook, my farm to Google, and another farm on a different device.
      How does the other person get my accounts, and how do I remove my bank card details from the accounts (I currently do the subscription).

      Thanks for any help

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      Shannon Bordelon

      that is a great question, i am about to take over an account from a friend and need to do the same but have no idea how to do it

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      Bill Roberds

      Get guys facebook name and password or a new google account that you both can open with name and password bind your account to that account then once he gets access you can unbind and it will be done.just go slow dont unbind right away in fear of losing alot of hard work.

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      Huntress of War

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      Ive always had the individual “giving” the account away make a new gmail/google account. Same can be done with facebook. They can bind either of the accounts to the account they are “giving” away. Then you simply give/receive the new account information and the account can be accessed.

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      Lord Snow

      As for the subscription part of this question, to my knowledge the subscription does not store your bank/card info in the game itself. It’s actually stored in your iTunes or Google Play and that’s what the game keeps charging. Turn off the subscription on your iTunes or Google Play so that auto pay does not continue after the subscription runs out. Otherwise, the new user will continue to reap benefits from it and you will continue to be charged.

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        make sure u stop all subscription stuff before u hand it over.. u cancel all that before binding it to the new google acct.

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      Ok i did not read all the comments… best way to do it is make a new gmail acct.. bind it to that account.. then unbind all ur other stuff… then give them that acct info.. aka a new acct u made that has none of ur personal info in it..

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      Brett Manuel

      Can anyone explain best way of swapping a android account to an iOS account and vice versa

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