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      Nuno Andre

      Hi guys. Today listen a guy saying there is a hack for duplicate a buy you made in guns of glory. This is true they have a great advantage. Whant to now what you think about it. and if you have xome hack send to me too see 😉 thanks guys gunmuse keep the good work bro

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      Anthony Watson

      never tried it. but heard the closed the hack mate.
      was for badges and gold I think.
      they took the gold away if you had over 600k open I think.
      that’s why so many gold spenders at the moment.
      really unbalanced the last 2 event because of this.

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      That is what revenge gamer brought to everyone’s attention that there was hacks being used. Since he came out with the video they have closed down many of the hacks and I’m glad of that.

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      Donny Lairson

      Revenge did tell me personally that thye closed 4 of the ones he knew about. BUT since then my alliance has seen MONSTERS that we shouldn’t be matched against. 4500% stats with 2200 top stats in both IKE and UAC. In fact the SAME player both times. Any time i see a name like White Tiger I know its a chinese player. I think there is a Broken window thinking plan going on to beat down players trying to force them to spend.

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      Donny Lairson

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