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      Donny Lairson

      This is a live list of patch finds and changes

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      Donny Lairson

      You can double select guards for gathering
      Guards can only be on one march at time

      So guards are a guard double up. This means if I sent attack march my base count then my per march guards count doubling the effectiveness on that march.

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      seems the unique skill only works when they are leading that particular March. but the basic skills are used when you appoint the guard.

      For clarification when you select the guard to lead a march its basic skills do not seem to double on that march. or do they? I will be testing all these kinds of things as i get time this week. but this defiantly made things super complex and to think i was still trying to explain guards to someone yesterday and there mechanics and now they added even more to it. Kinda in overload right now.

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      Donny Lairson

      yes combine great combo’s for like super silver mining at night in alliance mine
      What we are trying to determine is what 5 and 10 turns means for the 800% damage bonus.

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      Anthony Watson

      Hi Guys
      So tell me if I have this down correctly.
      1. Whatever guards you’ve selected in the normal way their bonuses always apply.
      2. Any extra guard on wall or march, only the Bonus stat (unique skill) applys. not the normal stat only the bonus.
      3. gaurds can only be used as a bonus on 1 march/wall at a time so pick your wall defence and your march boost gaurds.
      4. So you can get extra defence, extra attack or extra gathering if you use the correct guard.
      5. So combine great combo’s for silver mining at night in alliance mine for example.
      6. the most important thing is that you need to learn the bonus stat (unique skill) of your guards.

      Please let me know if I misunderstand anything as I’m still catching up on the live stream. lol

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      Anthony Watson

      this should help a few people see the changes with the guards lol

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        Anthony Watson

        also I seem to get Star bonuses 2x from these gaurds as my troop stats really jumped but that’s not a unique skill

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        Anthony Watson


        For Attacking
        D’Artagnan Chance of Crazy Damage 831%
        Maupin 78.14% Damage

        All Resouces
        Ines Suarez 39.66 Speed

        For Gathering Silveer
        Planchet 51.84% speed

        Constance 51.84 Speed

        Galileo Galilei 51% Speed

        For Gathering Iron
        Voltaire 51.84% speed

        For Defending WALL DEFENCE
        Anne Infantry Defence 106.44% and Distance health 106%
        Blanchet Infantry Defence 139%
        Kitty Infantry Health 139%

        Resource Load (plundering or farming)
        Hentry 2nd 70%

        These are based on my stars so yours may be better.
        the other stats boost are not worth it to me

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      I noticed that you can go upgrade the prowess of the guards now no matter what the xp is. The benefits don’t kick in until the experience is high enough.
      I am curious if this can help prevent getting more guard cards than needed now.

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      With the new guard unique skills that had the extra damage based off how many troops survived could u put them on your wall that way when someone attacks u u will be able to get massive damage boost for having so many troops survive

      • #14082
        Anthony Watson

        that’s a great question but will take a few hits to test.
        plus for me anyway those guards would be on offence and cant be used in both places unless you want to swap them out all the time.

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      Ok so with my previous post, I just found out the answer. And I’m betting no one will like it.
      Just done the regular recruiting twice and both times got green guard cards. My greens have been maxed out awhile.
      So I guess this update took away the strategy of maxing out all the blues and greens to get more XP on flips.
      Also noticed you get those recruiting badges by killing beasts, not sure about red guard raids. Perhaps that can help equal out getting duplicates now since you can get free recruiting more often.
      I’m still trying to see what all has changed with the update.

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      Anthony Watson

      have you noticed that you don’t need exp anymore to up the stars?

      • #14134
        Donny Lairson

        I did not good catch.

      • #19299

        Its the other way around now, you need the stars first to upgrade with exp. lol

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      Arya Stark

      Can anyone interpret Maupin’s unique skill: “Troops in a march will deal damage equal to 90.00% of the remaining number of your troops.” Sound’s like a hell of a lot of damage.

    • #14133
      Donny Lairson

      Right now it sounds more like a losing revenge attack.

    • #14140
      Donny Lairson

      Great stuff everyone,
      Thank you all.

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      Has anyone else had an issue with GoG patch 4.7.1A on the BlueStacks emulator? I’ve restarted the computer and the game still stalls at the loading screen.

      • #14216
        Anthony Watson

        Was a problem for me for about 30 mins then it fixed it self

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      Anthony Watson

      Also found out this morning that it is now almost impossible to get new guards.
      I used 50 Master Recruits and all I got was 4 or 5 drops of new guards the rest was old stuff that I already had maxed stared.
      So what am I meant to do with them now.
      Why give me blues when I don’t need any.
      GOG really have pissed me off this time.

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      Donny Lairson

    • #14286
      Catrice Tocco

      Despite the fact of crappy Master recruiting right now I am super happy about the new changes.. It keeps it challenging…I was getting bored but now… Something to think about.

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      Travis Newman

      They have a Q/a in mail.it actually has some useful information for once.

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      PAPA V

      Has anyone figured out 5 and 10 turns means for the 800% damage bonus. Is this on mega?


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