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      Donny Lairson
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      In kingdom 368 HH1 are looking for new active people to join them.

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      Donny Lairson

      Hey John so that we establish a best practices. describe the player environment, Activity of the top 5 guilds etc.

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      PhX 190 is recruiting! Were a multi-language clan English, Spanish, German, Swedish. Steady ranked 10 (and we prefer it) family atmosphere of adult players, many of us all started together, low to no turn over. We can help you grow if your looking to start fresh.

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      Kingdom 357 is an active Kingdom. I’m R5 in TRJ (Rough Riders), but the other alliances are cool too. I’m only R5 because the rest of the team won’t rotate the title like we’re suppose to do. Anyone can be R5 in our alliance. We’re multiple languages and are top 5. We like to have fun and help all our members. Kingdom NAP except for KE. We do have 1 or 2 rogues currently, but will take care of that in do time. Only 4 c40s in Kingdom, I’m one of them and we’re all cool with each other, but we’re steadily getting more. Several c35+. If interested hit me up. Even if you don’t like us, I definitely believe you can find a place you will like.

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      Barry Rankin

      Hi all,

      <POA> in Kingdom #463 could surely do with a few experienced players looking to help our alliance grow. Although small, about 15 / 18 active members, we are quite strong (active) with around 700m pwr.

      Why would you be interested? Well, in a few of Don’s videos, he talks about how the newer kingdoms can be a bit wild west when you have a few accounts that are way stronger than the vast majority…hence we get a lot of NAP being broken for the most ridiculous reasons. Our alliance has been hit before the ke 3 times running, mainly because we have 4 or 5 accounts that can do damage and because we are known for pointing out when big alliances break their own rules when they do it.

      Unfortunately, this makes recruitment for us a tad difficult as guys are being targetted by the big 4 whenever they hit 25m pwr plus.

      So if you fancy yourself a Luke Skywalker type person who loves giving Darth Vadar a bloody nose, you would probably fit right at home.

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