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      Donny Lairson

      Castles for Trade or Sale

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      Donny Lairson

      C31 in K362 looking for an active player for a great kingdom.
      No KE event No castle kills in kingdom allowed
      Active winners in KvK , UAC and Blood Wars
      $500 for a 10 month old yet highly active castle.

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        Anand Jharap

        Send me a private message please

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      Mithun Kumar

      I like to buy but need to know about stats what have

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      Nuno Andre

      c 35 in k150 400M power no ke kingdom in peace only kvk.

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      Gudmundur Magnusson

      C40 k239
      7.5M troops –
      350k gold,
      3x c30 farms

      For sale. Private message me.

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      C35 k410
      Full Splendor gear, light gems, scholar gems.
      Half bucc, half master 5
      Airship 68.

      Line: keelah.gog

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      Catrice Tocco

      Great starter Castle in kingdom 314! I have too many castles to take care of and this one should be a fighter but I only use as a farm as no time to play it…. Level 28
      Great airship lots of gold and some sun! Solid.. I appreciate my kingdom of 314 no bullies. Not a paper Castle….pm please.

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      Peter Murray

      C37 for sale k280, great kingdom in k280 is at peace, some big players we have kept our kingdom for 5 successive kvk, my castle has 1400 troop stats and stats range from 2800-3100, very powerful, airship is at 69 close to 70, walls are upgraded ready for c38, mail me if interested.

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      Quick question. How do I give my account/castle to someone else? My main Acc is bound to my Facebook, and has a recurring subscription from my debit card.
      My farm is bound to Google, my 3rd is on a different device and not bound.

      Cheers for any help, for a dumb noob!

Viewing 8 reply threads
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