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      Hello all,

      I am a low spender. I have a C35.
      I have D’artagnan, Dominic; Catherine, Blanchet, Benoit and Troisvilles.
      All at 5 stars.
      I have the new guards at 3 stars.
      When do you think I should change to the new guards ?
      does it worth change Dominic and her damage bonus ?

      Thanks for helping.

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      Steve Trow

      You have to compare the benefits of each guard. Your 5 star guards should bring better boosts to you than any 3 star guard. See what bonus each provides and decide if it fits your game style.

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      Thanks for the answer.
      I was thinking the same.
      My teammates put the new guards immediately. Even with 1 or 2 stars.
      I told them it was not a good idea.
      But I wanted to have confirmation here.
      See you

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      PAPA V

      Which new guards are you talking about. Maupin, blood, cromwell? If so i found that you need them at 4 stars. Best place to test this is either in Crystal Mines or musketeer fort.


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      Yes, mostly Maupin, Cromwell or Blood.
      I have them 3 stars. I also think it is not enough to change the older one.
      I will try when I get them to 4 stars.

      The newest like Arabah, I only have 1 star.
      Do you think that they need less star to be effective ?

      Last. Dominic and her damage bonus.
      When is it worth chaging her.

      See you

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      Only change to the new guards when they are 5 stars until then Dominique damage is better once new guards is 5stars then their additional buffs add more damage

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      Thank you.
      After comparing the buffs, I was thinking the same.

      See you.

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      Shannon Bordelon

      is there a video for the current guard system that gog just put in place . what guards are good for the wall . marches, attacks, wolf , gather etc.

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