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      Hello all,

      I am a low spender. I have a C35.
      I have D’artagnan, Dominic; Catherine, Blanchet, Benoit and Troisvilles.
      All at 5 stars.
      I have the new guards at 3 stars.
      When do you think I should change to the new guards ?
      does it worth change Dominic and her damage bonus ?

      Thanks for helping.

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      Steve Trow

      You have to compare the benefits of each guard. Your 5 star guards should bring better boosts to you than any 3 star guard. See what bonus each provides and decide if it fits your game style.

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        Stars mean almost nothing now. Guards stats are unlocked with lvl so you can have S (gold) guard 1 star still better than A (purple) with 5 stars.

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      Thanks for the answer.
      I was thinking the same.
      My teammates put the new guards immediately. Even with 1 or 2 stars.
      I told them it was not a good idea.
      But I wanted to have confirmation here.
      See you

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      PAPA V

      Which new guards are you talking about. Maupin, blood, cromwell? If so i found that you need them at 4 stars. Best place to test this is either in Crystal Mines or musketeer fort.


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      Yes, mostly Maupin, Cromwell or Blood.
      I have them 3 stars. I also think it is not enough to change the older one.
      I will try when I get them to 4 stars.

      The newest like Arabah, I only have 1 star.
      Do you think that they need less star to be effective ?

      Last. Dominic and her damage bonus.
      When is it worth chaging her.

      See you

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      Only change to the new guards when they are 5 stars until then Dominique damage is better once new guards is 5stars then their additional buffs add more damage

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      Thank you.
      After comparing the buffs, I was thinking the same.

      See you.

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      Shannon Bordelon

      is there a video for the current guard system that gog just put in place . what guards are good for the wall . marches, attacks, wolf , gather etc.

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      Emos que GoG actualizo el sistema de guardianes… Ahora qué?

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      Sorry, I only speak french and a little English.
      I assume GunMuse is cooking a video.
      Anyway, in my case I have the S guard at 4 or 5 star.
      So I put stars on these and use the fragment of older guard to improve the S guard.

      Because I am maybe wrong but all guard of a class (captain, deputy, innovator, …) has the same abilities.
      So it is no use to upgrade older guards.

      See you

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      Lance Goeman

      Any work on this new guard system and how to set up marches going forward?

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      Gunmuse has released a 1h video on that.
      But I did not watch it yet.
      Not sure if there is all the answers.

      I will suggest to take all the S guards and level them up evenly.

      See you

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      Nikolay Yordanov

      The legendary guards give nice rally capacity boost. I think it’s very important to have that as the March sizes are very buffed now. Whereas the epic guards don’t provide that buff. Personally I’d level the legendary guards even with lower stars but not if lower than 3 stars.

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      Hello Nikolay.
      S guard : Legendary
      A guard ; Epic

      That’s right.
      Even if you have 1 star, tke the S guard.
      Don’t waste XP on lower guards.

      See you

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      Donny Lairson

      Ok let me stop this conversation I don’t think you guys are right AT THE MOMENT. Your applying the old thinking to the new system all of which could change after my first video on this so let me get that out see what they do to change it to make it wrong and we work from there.

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      There’s no need for formation calculator anymore. You just use Arabah/Lucien with highest tier distance or Anne/Gaston + cavalary.
      I haven’t tried Montgomery which gives inf att, cav def+health and dist def+health, he’s still the only one to give all troops stats so he might work with any other S guard that would mean you can still try regular formations

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