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      Anthony Watson

      If your reading this Funplus
      I just wanted to tell you your killing the game with this kingdom raid bs. it’s ok for once a month but the kingdoms need KE. got so many under c30s leaving the game because of this dumb event. KE or something new your losing small castles and the bugs cannot survive without them. terrible imbalance in game. kvk the small castle feel helpless and kingdom raid they get there assed kick ass u pit is up against older more powerful kingdoms.
      thank you.
      fix it

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      Totally agree with you.
      Kingdom raid is only for C40 to get rss.
      Even once a month is almost too much for me.

      Maybe Gunmuse can help with this topic.

      See you

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      I think the original KE was terrible…and leads to a lot of infighting in a kingdom.

      New Kingdom KE is tougher for noobs, but they just need some guidance, empty rss, hide troops and if you want gold…put on anti scout and get a c40 to rein you.

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      Old ke was awful compared to this. I’ve seen plenty of smaller castles who can go find smaller castles in other kingdoms and get there kills and rss. That’s just my opinion ofcourse.

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      Anthony Watson

      Ok I understand the view of you guys.
      The problem is people want a war game.
      New blood into the kingdom is what keeps the game fun and fresh.
      If the smaller castles are not having fun the kingdom dies.
      so I understand that being reinforced gets you points it is not what the players play for.
      Yes it causes fighting in kingdoms and conflict but is that not what people come to a war game for.
      Its not meant to be all care bares and rainbows.
      If that’s what you need maybe play a game that does not have war in the title just my few cents but I understand if u you don’t agree but the kingdoms numbers are going down so however they do it FUNPLUS need to fix the issues.
      or create a balance like once per month they switch it up.

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      I understand your point of view.
      Still. This new IKE is for C40 to collect RSS.

      Also, you loose only 10% by attack.
      So now, you just have to make millions of troops.
      Stats is less important with this new event.

      I agree with the idea of alternating KE and IKE.

      See you

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      Huntress of War

      well if there is no control on castle level, it has always been the BIG attack the SMALL, there are even C30 attacking a C16. if small castle cannot grow how can user stay in the game. The Developer have only 1 thing in mind… buy more stuff make yourself bigger to be in the game. no matter how big you get you are still not big enough, if you all have noted…
      Maybe they can create a matching alliance for the particular kingdom like Recent KE even or like UAC.
      But anyway no matter what ideas we come out they only have one … how to get users to put in more $$$… its like PAY to win.

      mess with best and die like the rest

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      I don’t think you’re wrong Anthony…I dont know what the right answer is either.

      In my kingdon, KE does not work…there is one big alliance that has poached and bullied all the paid players to join them or burn…KE here is just shielding up and trying not to get swarmed.

      Cross kingdon KE has forced this alliance to work with the kingdom and taken the fire out of KC chat.

      Also several off shoot smaller alliances have appeared because there is no huge fear of the main alliance attacking en masse.

      Castle level protection is a good idea, give the smaller guys a chance but i think there has always been and likely always will be a bigger players burning smaller players.

      if FunPlus is listening to this…they need to have more inclusive events and make it easier for non spenders or low spenders to put up some fight against the credit card warriors, just level the playing field a little as i think it has gone far too much in favour of cash and away from the the whole “War strategy” game.

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      I am not sure what the answer is either. I guess if you got to create an event for the big spenders to show off their 4000+ stats, this would be it. All I see during it is C40’s coming over and burning everything that they can. Not much strategy or fun in that. There is some fighting between C40’s here and there, but not much. Its either shields, or bend over and take it.

      Too bad they can’t change this event so that it is a little more even by allowing only castles at the same troop level to attack each other. If you have T12’s then you can only attack another T12 when you do this event. If you have T11’s then only another T11 level castles. And so on down…

      I do not think that this would fix everything, but it would level things a bit.

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      Anthony Watson

      Yeah That could work.
      A Tier Event would be perfect.
      C26 – C29 T9s
      C30 – C34 T10s
      C35 -39 T11s
      C40 T12s
      That could work as its sorted by your troop tier
      This would bring allot of smaller castles back.
      Shame they wont listen.

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