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      Just wondering if there are any tips for this aside from marches marches marches. Does troop count come in to play in any way? Like just sending Cav to speed hits up.. etc. This is something I’m sure we all have had to do.
      Any tips advice etc be awesome.

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      Bill Blass

      The hit doesn’t really do much to the wall instantly, it just adds another 30 mins to the burning time. I just use cav and hit it a bunch, a win is a win so 1 troop or a full march does the same, then just let it burn a few hours then repeat to build up the time some more.

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      I have been having success by hitting the dead castles 50 times in a row. Usually by the next day the dead castle is gone. The castle will keep burning many hours after 50 hits. Once in a while I have to do a second round if the castle was a really strong one.

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      The quickest way is to send 1 calvary of the highest tier. Having more troops doesn’t matter. The wall will lose 150 point per attack so scout the castle and see how much damage is left and divide by 150. This will be how many hits it will take. Them multiply the amount of hits by 30mins and that’s how long it will take to burn and be teleported.

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      Thanks for the info. 1 Cav march incoming.

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      You can also ask the leadership to use the enemy eviction (strategy Center)on the castle if it is in the hive and you’ll dont want to wait.

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      Donny Lairson

      Wall level / 120 for number of hits required to directly break walls.
      Wall level / 240 to burn the walls down.


      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      Ty gun

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