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      Hello, new to forum of course but addicted GOGer like most. Figured I would start a discussion on building millions of troops or meat shield for taking hits from opponents with 500-1000 % higher individual stats. I know there are many factors that play into this but for the most part experienced players will know what I mean, I hope.

      My main concern is building too many higher level troops matching say the PvP calculators and not having enough lower level troops to soften the blow.

      I have seen many that have millions of t1-4 & 5s hardly any mid level tiers (t6-8s) and lots of top tiers, be it t9-12s. This would be the case of a c40 of course.

      Like I said I just want to open a discussion and perhaps hear directly from individuals that have already gone through this process. As in what they would do differently now if they did it over again and what their thought process was going into creating such a troop rich castle.

      Thank you in advance for all the help.

      Have a great day.

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      Copy and pasting from a comment I saw Don/Gunmuse make in another thread for a c36 account.

      “Layers of troops t1 to t11 100k min of each troop at your level”

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      I would assume the above would be on top of what say a minimum of 3 PVP t11 calculators requires. As in three marches would require at least 250k ish t11 infantry.

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      I use the lower levels for meatshields and it does seem to work. I have about 300k on each of the even infantry defense levels and 100k on the evens. The same with other defensive levels in calvary and distance.

      I do not think to be able to do 3 attacks at full power is enough anymore. I recommend at least 6. It may work ok for one castle, but not if you have to hit one castle/tower after another in UAC, Blood War, IKE, etc. You start to eat up your infantry fast and have to heal too much. Just add another level one a time and never stop adding them.

      The more the better of everything.

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      This is what my end goal for defensive troop build…

      Infantry Levels – 2,4,6,8,10 Defense Against Riflemen. 1/2 million each.
      Infantry Levels – 1,3,5,7,9 Defense Against Light Cavalry

      Distance Levels – 1,4,7,8,10 for defense. Make like a 1/2 million each if you can.

      Cavalry Levels – 2,5,7,9,10 for defense, Make like a 1/2 million each if you can.

      Just do the build-up in 100K levels. Bring them all up a 100K then circle back and give them all another 100K. Repeat forever.

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      I got some work to do hahaha

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      After only 2 weeks of finally building the millions of troops I am quickly seeing how much it helps. I am no where near the 100,250,500 k suggestions but had at least one test during IKE from a attacking player with 100-300% higher all troops and 300-600% ind troops. We lost almost the exact same amount of troops. He did eat all of the even inf up to 6s and some 8s, but only t2 cav and 1s dis were touched. He may have made a mistake though and normally may not have attacked but I caught him with a an emergency recall as well. This would not have been as pretty other wise due to limitations on the actual attacking marches. It will be very important to get the top levels and low levels built up fast or I may be caught, even with a airship wonder on. So back to building. In a case of a real battle within kingdom I would not think of pillaging another castle with multiple marches right now. Too many guys 1000% indv stats higher than me

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      I got hit by a C40 with 3500+ stats during UAC. I am only a C33, but I won. Lost over a million little troops, but he lost over 300K of his good troops. He hit me again and lost. Then he got mad and went to town on me until I was zero’d.

      So, yes million of lower-level guys make a nice meat shield. But if a billion power C40 really wants to burn you to nothing, he will.

      Be ready to run or shield.

      I am still trying to figure out how we got matched against them. They had 3 billion power C40’s and a bunch of C35+ as well in their alliance and we had none. Our highest was a little 300 Mill power C35. They slaughtered all the other alliances as well.

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      Oh Im not trying to get in a drawn out battle with these guys. I just want to be able to eat one, run and it not make me sad haha. With this thinking I probably do not need as many of the other troops but what I need to attack.

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      Brett Heard

      The main ones you want are T2 Inf, T1 Dist, T4 Inf, and T5 Cav for meat shield. I have 2.5 million T2 and rarely lose a defense. 100k of each other tier helps as well. I currently have 300k of each t12 so build up your highest tier and it will help you out as you get bigger.

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      Guns Farm

      Ill give my exp. With this for reference. As a c33 i was ok stats, when we heard ckke was coming i developed a defense plan. I built 2M t2 inf specifically to take a hit in KvK. What this does is give you the 300% buff and many surviving troops..only take one hit…then you upgrade them, t3,t4…repeat next KvK…repeat upgrade with 300% buff. I was able to make 2.4M t8 inf in one month using this method.
      Now the drawback…i was fighting absolute monsters…you cant survive multiple hits..i would lose 800k t6 inf, 200k t8inf but would eat one full t12 march. You would need about 7M t8 inf or 3-4M t10 inf.
      These monsters can eat through inf like butter…BUT it is faster and less expensive to get a working defense with t4s then upgrade to t8 or t10

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      I am just following up from my earlier posts. I was able to build up a sizable shield during the last big event “The Cupid Heart” or whatever. I had about 7 million troops.

      I spread them out as follows:

      Inf: T2,T4,T6,T8, T10
      Cav: T2,T5,T3,T7
      Dis: T1,T10,T8,T7,T4,T3

      I tried to build at least 300K for each of the Inf levels
      I did a million T1s in Dist, and 200K for the others
      I did 200k for the Cav

      The levels I did not mention here, I tried to have at least 100K for each level.

      I did so many Cav, because when I tested the config in the Mines, I noticed that certain Distance levels attacked before the Attacking castle when on defense. This was the T1 and then the highest even level that you had. In my case the T10’s. Then it went in the order I had listed above. I think the distance troops are protecting your inf during the attack. They will help keep your inf alive. I also noticed that defensive cannons attack before the distance troops too. They are just to weak to do any real damage.

      I got hit by two C40s during AvA. One hit me six times in a row using the Mercenary Airship attack where they just blast hit you. I won everyone. I actually suffered less damage then he did during the attack. He was losing 450K, and I was losing about 250K on each attack. He quit after that. I also go hit by another C40 18 times. He was pissed at me. I survived the first 12 hits before burning. He zero’ed me in the end, but lost twice as many troops as I did doing it.

      I got some real good data from these attacks and I am currently using them to increase my troops in a smart way.

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