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      How many badges do you get from alliance celebration. On phone and can’t find search. I’m sure this has been answered but can’t find it. Anywhere have a document on eat diff alliance celebration saying what u get in them?

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      You get 72 badges.

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      Thank you. my new alliance now runs 3 weeks banners and 1 badges. lots of new C30s that are not bannered up. and we had a question on badge number cause some littles want them for honor coins. we want them for coins for now till we are bannered to 30. gives us a number to work with to get the mix right. might move to 2 banners 1 badge rotation soon.

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      Anthony Watson

      If you all have plans to become C35s and C40s I would never sell a badge.
      there is a reason they give you so many hero coins.
      Its because they want you to buy them later.
      The Rss is hard to get but the holding point for everyone is badges as its needed for all troop buildings as well.
      be warned I never sold a badge and am very active in all events and still got stuck after C35 as the 50% off don’t work for you.
      good luck

Viewing 3 reply threads
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