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      How do you add advanced airship abilities like Blood Thirst?

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      Could you load a screen shot of what your talking about?

      The RR links will always take you to CURRENT upload or the CURRENT Live event so good book marks.

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      At the bottom of both the assault and guardian abilities are two skills (Blood thirst, death from above, flying fortress and happy hunter). – see first link
      to activate the requirements, there appears to be a card/scroll required (see second attachment). I can not figure out how you acquire the material needed to activate any of these talents. Thanks

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      This is a good question and took me over a year to figure out.

      Many people wonder where they can get they can get the following for their AirShip:

      Happy Hunter
      Flying Fortress
      Death from Above
      Blood Thirst

      I think it takes about 100 design fragments of each before you can use them on your AirShip.

      So where are they?

      They are in the “Advanced Ability Design Fragment Chest”.
      Every once in a great while you can buy this in the store. It is available a couple of times a year. It is not cheap.

      The other place to get it is in the Creation Arena. It is part of the Season Standing Rewards. You need to be in the top 2000 to get some. Good luck getting those awards. That’s the top 2000 across all the Kingdoms BTW.

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      Thanks – Great response – unfortunately I do not have any of the advanced ability design frags

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      The Creation Arena is a pretty stupid part of this game. Every time you upgrade your Creation for the game, it just pits you against players who have upgraded their Creations and you end up pretty much in the same place points-wise during it. If you do not spend on your Creations to get the special gear, you will never get any of that “Advanced ability design” frag.

      You will have to buy it when it comes up. It is expensive to get, like $2000 or something to actually make the parts.

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      Each special airship ability will cost you 500 fragments to unlock. You can purchase them with real money for $99.99 for 90 fragments(not worth it imo)or you can get them through bounties. Max 20 fragments at a time. Good luck! For the people I have heard who has unlocked them they weren’t impressed.

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      The actual way for LOW SPENDER to get it, is by running Bounties… Tab on ALLIANCE, HALL OF HERO, Personal Bounties. And you need 500 Frag to complete a pcs.

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      Huntress is right…500 frag and bounties…bearing in mind you need to do the highest bounty for 20 frags.

      It is possible to grind that out…but not fun.

      I’m also told by a big spender that brought the pack that the benefit it marginal.

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