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7 Days to Die Release A19 is in beta Plans for RogersRaiders.com to follow this release of game.

Well I have seen the A19 7 Days to Die and am very impressed with the graphics and overall game play.  I am playing in the A18 simply because i don’t want to get into tech support for people trying to jump ahead to the new version before its officially released.  Now  at this moment you can get 7 Days to Die for $9 bucks by using the Steam Downloader.  That looks to be good until July 9th, 2020.  Why that date?  That is the earliest new hardware and software from China will arrive for people who want new computers, graphics cards, etc.  Game releases always spawn these types of purchases so there is some mild coordination.   A19 may be a bit buggy but the community is so open with its customers that they are on top of it.  This is my number 1 reason for adding this game other than I like playing it and totally addicted on a game that cost less than $10 bucks and has no monthly fees.  Kudo’s to the Fun Pimps. For the price of half a month of GoG you can buy a pretty killer laptop ( MY LAPTOP SUGGESTION ) that will easily play this game if you want to join our community aspect. The goal here is to get a group of games that the same community surrounds to prevent boredom and repetitive game play.  As you have seen in my videos, I am not real keen on “Events” where the goal is to spend as much money as you can in 24 hours. Besides the steam Launcher I would also encourage my citizens of the RRC to download EPIC GAMES downloader there is a constant rotation of top flight games to be had for free from there and we will be following a few of those. ARK being one of them but we will do that from the Steam platform as the epic and steam games do not cooperate on the same servers. The game of 7 Days to Die is so customizable it allows me a Filmer to make an in Game studio.  Every block in the game can be destroyed.  The real question is are you smart enough to survive? We will have events and give away and since characters can be copied from one server to another. My thoughts are maybe even tournaments.  Long way off just sounds like fun.  I already know the first challenge is going to be a Builders Challenge that I let the YouTube community vote on who has the sickest base.   Here is the 20 second video on the new Intro for this series. I will be tie this video to a “playlist” so that YouTube recommends to the best of its ability what you would like to view next.  
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