Dynamic Tabling coming to life for Guns of Glory R5’s and R4’s

RogersRaiders.com Guns of Glory

Communication is key but for some reason as the tech of the world got more advanced those who control the technology are limiting communication.    We see it in our politics. First we can’t post formed thoughts that convey and idea in more than 144 characters.  Then the news stations […]

GoG Distance Meat Shield Calculator Now Live

With a bunch of the core base coding done it’s much faster to add more calculators to the system.  The Second of the Free calculators made live is the Distance Meat Shield Calculator. The GoG Distance Meat Shield Calculator Takes into effect several area’s Wall Guard Modification of base health […]

First Personalized Guns of Glory Calculator

Guns of Glory Artillery Meat Shield

How do you prevent a Chinese gaming studio from screwing over its players? Well my thought was why would you do that to your customers.  Last June a major shift in Guns of Glory (GoG) gameplay came with the “guard update”.   You wouldn’t believe the number of places in Discord, […]